Improving access to healthcare
Transform your existing pharmacy with AI powered prescription delivery and last-mile solutions.
Modern prescription logistics software that creates efficiencies in your workflow.
Save labour hours with a secure and compliant solution built for optimal patient outcomes
Our software streamlines your existing delivery process
Simple and efficient
Leverage AI to seamlessly create, manage and track your deliveries
Payments made easy
Our patented payment solution eliminates clunky payment experiences and manual keypad credits
Secure and compliant
Compliant data security and storage according to industry standards.
Unparalleled flexibility that will fit any pharmacy's needs
We give you the flexibility to deploy various last-mile offerings
Why now?
As the scope of pharmacy expands, Script Runner’s mission is to free up the time of pharmacists to allow them to focus on patient care and not on delivery and logistics


Labour hours saved per week


Errors prevented per week


Labour hours saved per week
More time for clinical services
More time to treat minor ailments
More time for professional services
Questions? Answers.
We have a lot to offer, here is a sneak peak
Script Runner is not a pharmacy or drug manufacturer. We provide software solutions for pharmacies and hospitals
We can have you up and running in 1 day. Our team will train your staff and/or drivers in-person or virtually.
We treat compliance and privacy with utmost importance. We abide by the strictest industry standards (SOC 2 and HIPAA and PIPEDA)
We have a handful of models for different use cases, our most popular model is the DJI Flycart 30
Cost-effective, reliable and used by hundreds of pharmacies today
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